Welcome to Mobility Dynamics & Controls lab at HKUST(GZ)!

Our lab is located at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(Guangzhou), Nansha, China. We are broadly interested in a wide range of topics related to control theory, machine learning, traffic flow modeling, and connected automated vehicles. Our main focus is to find safe, stable and robust solutions that combine control theory and data-driven methods to advance the boundaries of mobility systems.

Research Interests 研究方向

  • PDE/ODE Control
  • Dynamical System Modeling
  • Adaptive Control
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Extremum seeking
  • Event-triggered Control
  • Traffic Control
  • Traffic Flow Modeling
  • Mixed-autonomy
  • Connected and Automated Vehicles
  • Energy management
  • Infrastructure Resilience

News 动态

  • Feb 2022: Our paper on “Enforcing Safety for Mixed Traffic Control via a Control Barrier Function Quadratic Program” got accepted by IFAC World Congress 2023.
  • Dec 2022: Dr. Yu organized an invited session on “Control and Estimation of Traffic Flow Systems ” at IEEE CDC 2023.
  • July 2022: We have two papers accepted by IEEE ITSC 2022: “Integrating PDE Observer with Deep Learning for Traffic State Estimation”, and “Safety Critical Control of Mixed-autonomy Traffic via a Single Autonomous Vehicle”.
    我组两篇论文被 IEEE ITSC 2022 接收。
  • July 2022: We have one paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology “Reinforcement Learning Versus PDE Backstepping and PI Control for Congested Freeway Traffic”.
    我组一篇论文被 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 接收。
  • April 2022: Dr. Yu gave a presentation at AI Thrust, HKUST(GZ) “Control Meets Learning: PDE State Estimation of Phantom Traffic Jam”.
  • November 2021: Dr. Yu gave a presentation at KTH Royal Institute of Technology “PDE Modeling, Control and Reinforcement Learning of Intelligent Traffic Flow System”.