Ph.D. Students

Fengqing Hu 胡风清 (2022 Spring)

Research Interests: Safety-critical control; Connected and autonomous vehicles, Mixed autonomy traffic

Education 教育背景

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Intelligent Vehicles), Beijing Institute of Technology, 2020
    北京理工大学 机械工程
  • BSc in Flight Vehicle Design Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2017
    北京理工大学 飞行器设计与工程

Yihuan ZHANG 张艺怀 (2022 Fall) Personal Web

Research Interests: Traffic control; PDE boundary control; Motion planning and control of autonomous vehicles

Education 教育背景

  • Master in Vehicle Engineering, South China University of Technology, 2022
    华南理工大学 车辆工程
  • BEng in Vehicle Engineering, Southwest University, 2019
    西南大学 车辆工程

Chenguang ZHAO 赵晨光 (2022 Fall)

Research Interests: Traffic flow modeling; PDE boundary control; Machine learning

Education 教育背景

  • MSc in Transportation Information Engineering and Control, Beihang University, 2022
    北京航空航天大学 交通信息工程及控制
  • BEng in Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University, 2019
    北京航空航天大学 电子信息工程

Qian SUN 孙倩 (2021 Fall, co-advised with Professor Hui XIONG)

Research Interests: Traffic signal control; Mixed traffic; Multi-agent reinforcement learning

Education 教育背景

  • Joint bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and Brandeis University

Ruohong LIU 刘若泓 (2022 Fall, co-advised with Professor Yize CHEN)

Research Interests: Control; Reinforcement learning; Power system

Education 教育背景

  • BEng in Automation, Tianjin University, 2022
    天津大学 自动化

MPhil Students

Yiming SHU 舒意茗

Education 教育背景

  • BEng in Automobile Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, 2022
    哈尔滨工业大学 车辆工程

Zifan WANG 王梓帆

Education 教育背景

  • BEng in Automation Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, 2021
    西南交通大学 自动化