Join us!

I am recruiting Ph.D. and MPhil for Spring 2023 and Fall 2023. I am looking for highly motivated students with a strong background in mathematics, control theory, traffic modeling and simulation, or machine learning. Students with interests in intelligent transportation, control systems and machine learning are highly encouraged to apply. Accepted students will be provided with highly-competitive financial support. Application instructions for PhD and MPhil program can be found here

Participation can also occur at the undergraduate, postdoctoral, visiting researchers, and summer student interns

Prospective students and researchers are welcome to get in touch. You are welcome to send me an email ( with your CV, transcripts, and a brief overview of your research and why you are interested in my group. Before emailing me, you should familiarize yourself with my research, explain which research topic of mine genuinely attracts you, and articulate how our research interests match. Sometimes your email might get buried, please send another one after one-week wait.


申请者可向 发送邮件,并附上个人简历、成绩单、研究概述;请说明对本组感兴趣的原因,并说明对本组的哪个研究主题感兴趣。